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Asia Plateau

Towards a humane world - India

Sustainable, Democratic, Inclusive

Friday, 7. February 2020 - 16:00 to Tuesday, 11. February 2020 - 13:00


Initiatives of Change International, in partnership with IofC India, is planning an exciting international conference, ‘Towards a Humane World’, at Asia Plateau, India in February 2020. The conference will focus on four themes, each of which will be addressed in the spirit of Initiatives of Change: 

Sustainability: How do we speed the process towards a sustainable global society, tackling the environmental crisis and bridging economic divides? 
Democracy: How do we make democracy real in the face of increasing populism, extremism and polarisation? 
Inclusivity: How can we work for a society where all feel included and able to contribute, whatever our wealth, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, ability. 
Trust: How do we heal broken relationships and rebuild trust? 

These are massive concerns, too difficult be left to leaders alone. Our world is everyone’s responsibility, and Initiatives of Change is constantly demonstrating that together we can make a difference. At the heart of this conference will be the key to effectiveness – the inner change which frees us and equips us to be changemakers.

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Further information about Asia Plateau can be found at the IofC India Website.

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