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Ethical Leadership Workshops' facilitators are ready to work!

Monday, 1. July 2013


14-16th June the second final module of the Training for Ethical Leadership Workshop Facilitators took place. 

A group of 10 got together again in Simferopol (Crimea) in order to deepen their understanding of different aspects of ethical leadership and to learn how to run excerсises and sessions.  Apart from practiсe and unwrap of key excerсises aimed at developing atmosphere of trust and openness among participants used during the seminars of 'Initiatives of Change', future facilitators were offered some basic theories and general structure of the course, which included the topics of 'Values', 'Motivation', 'Cooperation', etc.

The key point of the training were meetings with ethical leaders on the issue of ethical component in leadership and its relevance in real circumstances.  Through video-conference the participants have met Yaroslav Grybal'skiy (Lviv, Ukraine),  political and NGO activist, who promotes the rights of people with disabilities in Ukraine.  Personal meeting took place with Liubov Zysko (Simferopol), who was active in social and cultural life in the Crimea and has established a few humanitarian organizations and social centers.  Both speakers have touched upon such aspects as values, personal responsibility, relationships with subordinates, colleagues, the importance of valuing and productively using ones time.  They also both remembered their experience during Caux conferences in the center of Initiatives of Change in Switzerland.  That experience has given them inspiration and encouraged their efforts towards ethics in leadership.

Warm and friendly atmosphere was created in the group, supported by joyful mood and mutual care.  It was because of that atmosphere that allowed participants to speak openly about how they felt, what they were happy about and what didn't make them feel comfortable. 

As a result of 2 levels of training run in two modules, the team was formed. This team would start running seminars on ethical leadership from autumn 2013.  In parallel with that a manual on running courses is being created as a toolkit with exercises and practices on the topic of ethical leadership. 

The group of facilitators who took part in the training are also potential facilitators who would be involved in running basic Foundations for Freedom courses. 

View pictures from the event on the Foundations for Freedom Facebook page.