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Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE)


Trust & Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) is a movement, an annual conference (international conferences have been held in Caux, Switzerland, since 2006) and a global network of individuals and institutions practicing trust and integrity in private, corporate and public life. We enable economic stakeholders to explore a journey of personal, organizational and societal transformation with an outcome of human and ecological well-being. We connect and support new economic and business models and foster relationships which enable such transformation.

The methodology of TIGE is through shared experience, story-telling and putting values into practice. TIGE’s activities - primarily workshops, trainings, conferences and dialogues - focuses on the role of the individual in changing business behaviour and corporate culture, through encouraging ‘conscience-based decision making’. TIGE provides the opportunity to combine the sharing of ideas and experience with times of silent reflection in order to centre on our true selves (our consciousness), our contribution to society and the true purpose of our organizations.


The first TIGE conference was held in 2006, ten years of TIGE in Caux, Switzerland (2006 –2016) has created a large international network. TIGE’s 10th anniversary is structured to understand its impact and meaning, explore what has emerged and discover the next stages of TIGE’s evolution.

TIGE was established as an IofC UK programme following the global banking and economic crises of 2007-2008. TIGE is now a global community that works to strengthen the motivations of care and moral commitment in economic life and thinking. TIGE is currently active in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands.


TIGE’s mission is to ‘promote and build trust and integrity in the global economy’.

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