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Trust for a sustainable future

Thursday, 4. April 2019

As we seek to build bridges across the world’s divides, it is clear that there are many paths by which we can achieve this goal. When addressing the focus of sustainable living it is clear to us that there is a critical initial step. In order to begin the reversal of some of the detriment done to our environment you must first build trust. Caux Dialogue on Land Security (CDLS) is a conference that takes place in Caux, Switzerland every summer with the aim of doing just this! We asked Rishabh Khanna of IofC Sweden, who has been involved with CDLS for many years, to share with us his reflections the programm.

‘In the years of 2009 and 2010, it seemed that the one single organisation that could respond to challenges like hunger, poverty, climate change, bio diversity loss, war and land degradation, was in fact ILLP (Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace). Luc, from the UNCCD (United Nations Convention for Combating Desertification) told us that 80 percent of worlds conflicts are happening in dry-lands and degraded landscapes. So, if we restore degraded landscapes, we would sequester greenhouse gas emissions, produce more food, combat poverty, generate bio diversity, create meaningful work, and therefore reduce conditions for conflict. 

My 12 years of experience in sustainability has taught me that we as humanity have the money and technology to solve an urgent issue like climate change, but we lack the tools and spiritual competence to work together across all boundaries. So, the Caux Dialogue for Land and Security is one crucial opportunity for people all over the world to meet across differences of sectors, nationalities, and organisations. This will facilitate the trust that is needed to restore degraded landscapes and will help us to address some of the most pressing concerns of our times.’

Rishabh recently contributed to Oxygen2050, a grassroots movement of that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to discuss the future of transformative societal change. His contribution comes after attending an event with investors and changemakers in Helsinki, where he co-led a dialogue on creating incentives for healing humanity by healing the planet. At the 2019 CDLS conference, thought leaders and practitioners from across the globe will explore how community and individual initiatives can reverse degradation leading to peace and stability.

Join us this summer at the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre to address the multiple challenges facing sustainable living - Registration is open now!