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Trust in times of crisis

Tuesday, 24. March 2020


Initiatives of Change is an international organization, with activities in many countries, each facing their own challenges. The Trustbuilding Program, which is working in three countries, is an example of how our unique approach to building trust can be adapted to address local challenges. Now there is a global crisis which affects all of our activities: COVID-19. While our Trustbuilding Program project teams are currently working hard to set up alternative ways to continue their projects, we would like to take a moment to focus on the importance of trust in times of crisis, and the power of positivity for empowerment.


Importance of trust

Some of the main measures in controlling the COVID-19 virus are social distancing and self-isolation. Depending on where you are in the world, you’re either asked or told to stay inside and away from others, especially when they feel ill, in order to prevent the spread the virus. This is an act of trust and places a lot of responsibility on the individual to do what is right for the collective. We are asked to be mindful about our actions. We must trust one another to think of how others might be affected by our choices.

Also, there are professionals and specialists working hard to control the current situation. It is important for us to trust that the measures they require of us are of benefit to our communities. No, it’s not ideal to stay inside the house for weeks in a row, but this measure is required for a reason. Show your trust in the people working in hospitals and in law enforcement, who are doing the best they can to help minimize the impact of the virus.

We have seen some amazing examples of people showing trust in and appreciation for their local health workers, by applauding them every evening from their balconies. In Italy they show their solidarity and trust in each other by singing together from their balconies.



These are wonderful acts of kindness that keep us all going in difficult times.


Power of positivity

Positive relationships with one another are vital to our collective mental health and to our community spirit. Simple acts of kindness, appreciation and trust are an effective way of maintaining our connection to humanity during times of crisis. The power of a positive thought or deed should not be underestimated. We are buoyed by the support of our network and our teams are lighting the way forward by truly being the change, no matter the difficulty. We want to share the inspiration that they’ve given us with the world and show that we’re all in this together.

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

So, we’ve launched an Instagram campaign, asking people to share with us their video message of positivity for the world.

How does it work?

  1. Make a video with your message to the world.
    This can be you sharing your story, a song, a poem, maybe a dance with the family you are in quarantine with. Don’t forget to mention:
    • Your name
    • Where you currently are
  2. Upload it as a post or story to your Instagram account, and tag us in it: @iofc_international
  3. Ask other people to do the same. The more inspirational messages, the bigger the impact, and the more positivity we can put out into the world!


Here are two videos as an example:

Mike Muikia, from the Trustbuilding Program in Kenya

Tracie Mooneyham, Content Editor at Initiatives of Change International


Let’s keep sharing our stories of trust and positivity with the world! We look forward to seeing your videos – join in on our campaign to #BeTheChange and show how we are #unitedapart.

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The Trustbuilding Program is aimed at addressing divisive issues at the international and national levels, on the premise that only those who have undergone the internal process of becoming trustworthy themselves can close gaps across the globe. The Program was launched by Initiatives of Change International in 2019 with projects in Kenya, Canada and France.