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Joe Karanja being interviewed by Mike Muikia

TV interview with Joe Karanja (IofC Kenya) on peace and development

Monday, 16. January 2017

TV interview with Joe Karanja on peace and development

Since the early the 1950's Initiatives of Change (IofC) has been active in Kenya. Over that time many people have come across it and some have been inspired to do something. Something greater than themselves. Perhaps through IofC programmes and also individually. This is the spirit of Initiatives of Change, that one can find one's purpose and contribute to remaking the world.

There are so many problems our societies face and there are many ways to address them. Mike Muikia, who met IofC 10 years ago, has started an online weekly reality TV show 'State of Society', where he interviews very ordinary people who are doing amazing work and changing lives. Joe Karanja, an active IofC member and lawyer from Kenya, shares his story in the following episode, explaining his involvement in IofC and the impact he's created.