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News and article of the Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past programme

Screenshot from the last presentation session of the History begins in the Family: Dialogue of Generations project 2020

International project "History begins in the family: Dialogue of generations" was successfully implemented for the third time. Around 30 young people from Poland, Germany, and Ukraine took part in the exchange learning program, then under the guidance of mentors conducted studies of their family stories, and discussed them in the form of dialogue.


During 19-23 March 2016, Lviv saw the 3rd part of the History Begins in the Family international youth project. Halyna Stasevych (Bunio), project coordinator on behalf of the Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past programme, tells about a new format used to introduce the project participants to the history of Lviv city during World War II, new both within the project and the programme.


In the framework of the the project, Lviv and Vinnytsia hosted two 'Different Memories – Common Future!' workshops in September and October 2015. Participants of the workshops from different cities and towns learned techniques for dialogue on history and memories based on the experience of the German organization OWEN e.V. – Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peace Development.


Have we ever thought about what is really important in our lives? Have we ever seen a true sorrow? Do we value life? This November I had a good chance to change my worldview and understand the life values.


Продовженням роботи з темою "Історичної пам’яті" в межах проекту "Україна активна: загоєння минулого" став навчальний семінар у м. Коростишів Житомирської області, який проводила Наталя Голосова, член Всеукраїнської асоціації вчителів історії та суспільних дисциплін "Нова Доба".


The ‘Unifying Diversity’ project finished this week. It was a part of a joint initiative of the participants of the 'Different Memories – Common Future!' workshop in Lviv under the auspices of the Foundations of Freedom INGO, OWEN e.V. Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peacebuilding, and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa).