UK Changemakers magazine issue 3

from IofC-UK

Friday, 1. July 2016

Changemakers issue 3 July 2016Changemakers shares stories both of personal change and of tackling global issues. Through the power of storytelling, Changemakers hopes to inspire, equip and connect people with ideas on how to change their own lives and play their part in building a sustainable and peaceful society. Our stories focus on ethical leadership, sustainable living and trust building.

In this issue we hear from Onjali Rauf (p8) whose aunt’s murder motivated her to create a charity that trains ordinary people to spot signs of abuse. Meanwhile Amy Peake (p10) and Pravin Nakim (p12) have been working tirelessly to educate women on menstrual hygiene. Amy is creating solutions to provide cheap hygienic pads in refugee camps while Pravin is removing the stigma attached to periods in India. Jonty Herman (cover and p22) draws on his experience visiting refugee camps in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. For more stories of change, and to subscribe to receive updates, visit our website:

A pdf version is attached.