Обнадійливе майбутнє, побудоване на довірі та міцній співпраці у Східній Європі

Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past

a Programme of Foundations for Freedom


We see hopeful future built on trust and strong partnerships in Eastern Europe grounded on the respect for human life and historical memory.

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To foster the development of truly free and just society through encouraging healing of the past and reconciliation at the levels of individuals, communities and nations in East Europe.

Our goals

  • To facilitate the process where individuals and communities find healing experience and freedom from the victim and victimiser mind-set in historical context.
  • To raise awareness both of communities and their members in taking responsibility for learning lessons of the past and shaping the future.
  • To raise dialogue culture both on local, national, and international levels.

What we do

  • We run outreach programmes, dialogues, seminars and conferences to heal suppressed and wounded memories.
  • We seek to use our learning to develop processes and methods for dealing with potentially destructive attitudes and behaviors in order to make forgiveness, reconciliation and collaboration possible.
  • We aim to be fully inclusive and respectful of diverse historical memories, belief systems, faith traditions and ethnic cultures.

Programme 2020

A programme of Foundations for Freedom.