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Vacancies openings in Foundations for Freedom: Treasurer

Thursday, 9. May 2013

International non-governmental organization Foundations for Freedom is announcing a part-time vacancy position of TREASURER on a voluntary basis, due to the reforms connected with decision-making and administration of the organization. 

The TREASURER would have a trial period (three months) as part of the Management Group. If the candidate proves to be successful, they would... and it would be proposed that they become a Board member.

The Treasurer's role is not to take all financial decisions, but to provide advice that enables both the Committee and MG to make informed choices. 

Main duties:

  • To advise the Management Group (MG) and Committee of F4F's financial position.
  • To create a draft budget in November each year (assuming that 1 January is the start of the financial year) that shows the anticipated expenditure in the following year. The budget will be created in consultation with the MG and will be submitted to the Committee in time for approval before the start of the financial year.
  • To provide the Committee and MG with quarterly updates of the budget and financial advice concerning the possible outcomes of decisions.
  • To provide warnings of funding shortfalls well in advance of financial difficulty being encountered.
  • To liaise with F4F's accountant in order to ensure that accurate accounts are kept, payments and income are assigned to the correct cost centres, the correct and full documentation is generated and filed and all payments are made in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • To ensure the timely availability of accurate financial reports for grants received, potential funding bodies, tax and legal authorities.
  • To assist the fundraiser to create accurate and reliable budgets for grant applications.


Requirements for a candidate:

  • High degree: preferably in the area of accounting or finance.
  • Confident user: MS Office, Internet
  • Knowledge of Russian and/or Ukrainian and/or English
  • Following the mission of the organization and sharing its values and principles


In the selection process preferences would be given to those with:

  • Skills in accountancy computer programs
  • interest in the field of finance/accountancy
  • self-discipline and time-management
  • accuracy, attentive to details
  • willingness to learn and share experience


Advantages of working with Foundations for Freedom:

  • Possibility to develop in an international team that has rich experience in non-governmental and professional areas;
  • possibility to gain unique experience working in international non-governmental sphere, organizing activities at different levels;
  • flexible working schedule;
  • dynamic team devoted to the mission of the organization;
  • possibility for self-realization and implementing personal ideas and projects;
  • participation in educational training and studies in specific areas;
  • travels, connected with projects and activities in Ukraine and abroad.  

Terms and conditions:

The Treasurer would have a trial period (three months) distantly as a part of the Management Group – the organization's executive body. In case of successful accomplishment of the trial period the candidate would represent the organization and take part in its activities locally and internationally. Potentially the candidate would also be suggested for the F4F Board.


CV with the names and contact details of reference people we kindly ask you to send to: email info by 16, May.  Possible questions can be sent to the same address.  Results would be announced via email by 20 May.