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Week of International Community 16 - 24 June, 2015

Thursday, 12. February 2015

Week of International Community 16 - 24 June, 2015

WOULD you like to spend a week volunteering in an international Conference Center on a Swiss mountain?

Here is your opportunity!

We invite you to spend a week at the Initiatives of Change Conference Centre in Caux, Switzerland, to volunteer and to interact in a community of about 40 people from different countries, backgrounds and generations, discussing the topics of peace, values, common future and meanwhile transforming the premises of a Hotel School into a conference center for the summer period. 

According to your skills and abilities, you will be able to contribute to the following

  • Re-paint, e.g. railings around the conference centre
  • Prepare the bedrooms and meeting rooms
  • Make the beds for the conference participants
  • Make ready and welcoming the dining rooms and the sitting rooms
  • Make small repairs for the maintenance
  • Darn the kitchen and bedroom linen
  • Clean the silver cutlery for the dining room
  • Prepare meals and wash dishes for our community during the week

Sharing at the Week of International CommunityFrom Tuesday, June 16 (starting with dinner at 18.30) to  Wednesday 24 2015 (finishing with breakfast) up to 40 representatives from Eastern and Western Europe will be spending time together as an international team of volunteers preparing the conference centre for the summer conferences. The time will be intertwined with sessions in which participants will learn about the principles of Initiatives of Change, the history of the organization and its work in the world, and will be given an opportunity to share stories from their own lives, cultures or their country’s history. Together we will explore what we hold in common as Europeans as well as what our differences might still be.

The 2015 conferences will take place from 26 June to 15 August , with the purpose of building trust across the world’s divides. The rest of the year, the house is let out to a hotel school. Since their needs are different, we need to re-arrange some of the rooms for the conferences and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for people from all over the world.

This continues on one hand the tradition of a 'preparation week' in Caux to make the house ready for the International Caux Conferences, held annually since 1946.

On the other hand, this year we are specifically looking for an opportunity to create a space for a non-formal dialogue between the East and the West, by inviting representatives of different age groups both from Eastern and Western Europe. That would also be an opportunity for parents and young adults involved with activities of IofC/Foundations for Freedom in Eastern and Central Europe to join.

You are invited to help in a spirit of voluntary service on a range of activities and tasks. It’s a chance to get to know new friends and have fun. Every day we have a programme of eight hours, with breaks for meals and drinks. In the evening we have time for relaxation and getting to know each other. Above all we want to create a spirit of service and care, which will carry on into the following conferences.

We offer participants bed and board for the week. Participants are expected to cover their travel costs. We encourage those who have never been to Caux to apply.

Don’t miss this opportunity and adventure!

Apply online using our application form until 1 March 2015.

For further information please send an email to: Diana Damsa or Christoph Keller
Tel. +41 (0)21 962 92 53, Fax +41 (0)21 962 92 45.

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