Work, Volunteer and Intern

Work, Volunteer and Intern

Work, Volunteer and Intern

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Do you have an inner calling to do something great with your life?

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behavior, starting in their own lives. IofC has programmes in over 50 countries with 75+ years of international experience in trustbuilding, ethical leadership and sustainable living. Its approach is to empower individuals and teams to apply the experience of personal transformation to meet local and global needs.

IofC International was founded in 2002 as an association, bringing together the autonomous national bodies of the IofC movement, most of whom had already been active for several decades. IofC International is there to strengthen the IofC network, represent the universality and multi-faith character of the movement, and facilitate its relationships with the United Nations, and other international institutions and organizations.

We are looking for volunteers who would dedicate their time and talent, and join our small and vibrant international team.

We offer you the opportunity to engage with a local and global network of volunteers, and work with talented and experienced professionals from all walks of life, who are inspired to follow their calling, and are united by their motivation to make a difference. You will join a trusted fellowship and a friendly environment, and be challenged to reach your fullest potential.

Your work output will be from your own home, in a local office, or in the field on training and other projects. Competency in working online is essential. If you are interested in IofC International’s work and want to support it, please consider the following opportunities and roles:


Caux Interns Programme

The first batch of Caux summer interns welcome their new friends into the House and bid adieu in their last get together on the Caux terrace on Wednesday afternoon

The Caux Interns Programme offers the possibility of doing an internship in Caux for energetic, self-starting young adults seeking experience leading international work teams of volunteers during the summer. More information is available at the Caux website.

Asia Plateau Internship Programme

A four-month residential internship at Asia Plateau, IofC’s conference and training centre in India. This is a hands-on programme with emphasis on learning and growing through voluntary service, leadership and initiative. The program emphasizes learning through attendance in seminars, conferences and workshops, interactive sessions, leading and organization of conference participants and personal empowerment sessions. Read more information about the programme here.

Find one near you!

Many national teams offer internships. Please contact an IofC team near you to see what opportunities are available.