Workshop for Africa Training Programme

Workshop for Africa Training Programme

Workshop for Africa participants (Photo: Victor Gotevbe)


A society that cares for all its people and shares its resources with the neediest, thus building nations and communities that live by a Godly ethic. Programme A WfA Working Group was formed to develop a training and preparation programme and a process for putting together the first mobile task team. The focus was on giving the participants a mentally stimulating and spiritually enlivening experience that would prepare them to engage in initiatives to build ethical leadership, promote active citizenship and support drives for needs-based development.

There were 38 applications from across Africa for 10 places on the six-week training programme that took place in South Africa. Eleven men and women from seven African countries, covering a wide age range, were selected. They gathered at Waaigras, a rural conference centre outside Pretoria (capital of South Africa), on 14 January. For six weeks they were instructed and coached by a Faculty of 15 people, local and overseas, supported by seven co-workers. Included in the training were three field trips to meet and interact with a range of people across the country. This provided the WfA group opportunities to articulate what was being learnt at Waaigras. The training ended on 28 February.

Eight of the 11 on the course left for South Sudan in early March to join the IofC international initiative there to assist with laying the foundations for good governance. They main task was to assist with the training of 200 young Peace Ambassadors, who will become torch –bearers for the national peace and reconciliation initiative launched by the Vice-President, Dr Riek Machar.

They may also be involved in some follow-up programmes in South Sudan during May. Following that, the WfA team will move on to other projects in South Africa, possibly Kenya and later, Zimbabwe. But before redeploying to other projects, the group will gather again at Waaigras Centre for two weeks - in late May or June - for a full debrief of their South Sudan experience and for detailed planning of their future projects.


The six weeks training was a moral, spiritual and intellectual preparation for taking on projects across Africa. The intention is that this training will continue in order to produce further mobile task teams that will take the work to countries across Africa, building three things:

  • ethical and accountable leadership in all civil institutions
  • a culture of responsive citizenship that calls all leaders to account
  • a campaign to focus development on real needs.

In Ndaragwa
Tuesday, 10. September 2013

Launched in January, 2013 with six weeks of intensive training for 11 people from seven African countries, the Workshop for Africa (WfA) group spent two months in South Sudan to assist with the training of 200 Peace Mobilisers. After a period of evaluation of the programme and further training, the group is now active in Kenya.

Anthony Duigan engages members of the Kenyan team from WfA
Tuesday, 30. July 2013

The Workshop for Africa (WfA) team, led by Anthony Duigan, joined the Kenyan team of Initiatives of Change for a refreshing retreat held at St Mary’s Pastoral Centre, Nakuru on 6-7 July 2013.

Anthony Duigan
Thursday, 18. July 2013

The visit of President Obama to South Africa, coinciding with prayerful vigils for Nelson Mandela, highlighted the challenge of ethical leadership for the continent. Anthony Duigan reports on the Workshop for Africa - an exciting new initiative to nurture a new generation of leaders.