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Annual Report 2019

Thursday, 12. November 2020


Who could have predicted that as we waved goodbye to 2019, that the current year would push us hard and fast into the next decade with unprecedented challenges for our people and our programmes? Now, with the time and space to reflect back on 2019, the successes and strengths of our teams across the globe are even more precious. Initiatives of Change International is putting forth this cumulative report as a way to celebrate the achievements of our past but to also serve as a foundation for our future.

‘What new society and world do we want to see after the pandemic? Are we willing to go back to a world characterized by greed, conflict, inequality and environmental degradation? Or can we use our creativity and determination to contribute to creating a more humane society,’ asks Suresh Vazirani, President, and Imad Karam, Executive Director in their joint message to our network of changemakers. ‘What is our role as individuals, and as a movement of changemakers, in shaping our new normal?’

Let us all reflect on what 2019 gave us and on the golden opportunity to think about change differently, to feel connected through those changes, and to be renewed in our commitment to changing ourselves before taking action to change the world. The transformation that takes place in our hearts and minds eventually spirals out and into our communities, as evidenced by the 2019 Annual Report. We are grateful for everyone who made 2019 a success – as these same people, and more, will be the ones who carry us onward and upward in the years to come.

Download the 2019 Annual Report here