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Emerging Agents of Change

Initiatives of Change’s International Mentoring Programme

Do you want to have an impact on your community, workplace, or country? Are you searching for your life's direction? Do you want guidance on how to activate your passion?

The Emerging Agents of Change (EAC) programme is now accepting applications on an ongoing basis. Last year, mentees, called Emerging Agents, from across 20 countries were thoughtfully paired with mentors who have a proven record of community and personal change. In a recent survey, mentees shared what made this programme valuable to them:

I am meeting with my mentor frequently and engaging in productive dialogue about different topics while sharing personal experiences. He has helped me in all ways possible to advance my knowledge and sharpen my skills.

I was struggling to take some of the very important decisions in my life. Although My mentor did not make direct suggestions, talking and discussing about the possibilities to move forward helped me to find the right direction.

I have someone I can rely on to consult and discuss on issues that I am facing; my mentor is very knowledgeable and sharing valuable resources with me.

I have found a safe space to express myself and to learn through every session.

No matter what your age or stage of life, Emerging Agents of Change is an invitation to take the next step on your journey in life with confidence, knowing that you have the support of someone who understands what it takes to make a difference in a challenging world. 

Are you interested in becoming an Accompanier-Mentor in the EAC?

Here is what current and previous Accompanier-Mentor’s have to say about the programme:

It's been wonderful connecting with the young professional I am mentoring. We have talked about many different elements and I have supported him in his endeavours, along with collaborating together.

There is a deep satisfaction for being able to connect with my mentee, sharing life and quiet time together.

The EAC programme has incorporated some of the best principles of mentoring and accompaniment in its design and is very well run by an experienced team whose members are themselves good practitioners. I have found the experience sharing and training opportunities which are provided to be very helpful. My last point is that the programme has been designed for the IofC context of developing young changemakers.


  1. Application (must be over 18)
  2. Notification
  3. Interview
  4. Matching
  5. Meeting (virtually or in-person)
  6. Agree on Arrangements
  7. Embark on the changemaker journey!

Those who are interested in participating in the Emerging Agents of Change Accompanying-Mentoring programme, either as an Accompanier-Mentor or Mentee, must fill out the appropriate application form:

Applicants will be notified by the Administrator in 2-3 weeks if their application is accepted and an interview will be arranged. 

Please note that at this time the EAC programme is only offered in English and French.

Participants can expect mentoring and accompanying relationships which embody best-known practices, rooted in reflection and a commitment to a values-driven life.

We encourage engagement in areas of passion that promote wider change, which facilitates the growth of spiritually led leaders and agents of change. Activities are up to the mentee/mentor, but should help:

  • Identify strengths and capacity
  • Address development needs
  • Create potential to be pivotal to social, economic & political change

Mentoring is a two-way facilitated relationship which:

  • Clarifies personal goals, calling, and/or purpose
  • Supports and guides personal transformation
  • Encourages people to self-manage their learning
  • Develops one’s capacity to gain confidence

Accompanying is a style of mentoring practiced widely in Initiatives of Change, and is unique in that it is a two-way relationship that:

  • Focuses on the intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth of the mentee
  • Comes with a shared understanding of leveraging inner listening for direction
  • Values times of quiet reflection on choices, decisions, and meaning 

More information can be found on the xChange, our global intranet, at  Emerging Agents of Change Documents | xChange (

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