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An urgent plea for Gaza Relief

The death and destruction in Gaza and around its borders shatters the imagination. War has been waged between Israelis and Palestinians ever since Israel was founded – and before. But the wars have grown deadlier, and this war worst of all. When, since the Second World War, have so many innocent men, women and children, Israeli and Palestinian, been slaughtered? When have we seen famine inflicted on such a vast scale?

This is taking us back to the horrors which the world determined to leave behind through the United Nations and other organizations aimed at resolving disputes without violence. We cannot allow this.

What can we do? The urgent need is to get food into Gaza. Please call for this in the media and with influential people you can reach. The more we do this, the more lives we will save, the more children will grow up healthy.

Then we can support the displaced and the refugees. Those who have lost everything. IofC International is collecting funds for those who are in the greatest need, and who we can reach. Simply click the 'Support Gaza Relief' button below to make a donation.

Support Gaza Relief

We must now work for a lasting resolution, through our political leaders, through humanitarian organisations, through our care for people on all sides caught up in this tragic situation. Many in Initiatives of Change have devoted themselves to this task through decades. We will go on doing so until peace with justice prevails.


Initiatives of Change International