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Caux Forum for a new world


The flagship forum hosted by the Swiss team may be digitally delivered, but reamins human centered.

As the COVID-19 crisis begins to recede, now is the time to come together and discover concrete ways to rebuild a world that is more just, peaceful and sustainable. The Caux Forum Online will equip you with the tools you need to navigate these times of uncertainty and connect you to a global network of changemakers for knowledge and support.

This summer the Swiss team may have changed the venue, but not the spirit!

This year’s Caux Forum features inspirational speakers, safe spaces for dialogue and times for reflection. The human centered approach, which builds off years of experience in changemaking dialogue, working in tandem with digital platforms, will be a unique experience not to be missed.

Join us as we support the Swiss team in ‘shaping the future together’!

What is the Caux Forum?

The annual Caux Forum, a programme of conferences, training and dialogues, aims to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organizations so that they can build a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Each year around 1,500 people attend the Forum to address the burning issues of our time and to find innovative, creative and sustainable answers together. Participants and speakers are drawn from civil society, government and business. A safe space of trust, care, solidarity and respect provides them with the opportunity to discuss openly and in-depth a variety of issues.

Participating in the Caux Forum is about unlocking your potential: it encourages individuals, groups and organizations to reflect on their roles, explore their resources, and connect with their responsibilities as changemakers, on the basis that everyone can make a difference.

Upcoming Conferences of the Caux Forum

Leadership for a resilient economy
25 - 26 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed weaknesses and strengths in our socio-economic systems. It is driving the global economy into recession, causing great hardship. But at the same time it offers us an historic opportunity to build a sustainable, inclusive and resilient economy, once and for all.

Building Trust, Breaking Barriers: an opportunity to re-imagine the future
01-04 July 2020

Working with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the forum has brought together policy makers, farmers, NGOs, community leaders, businesses and entrepreneurs in one of the first international forums to spotlight the links between sustainable land management and peace.

Together for Change
09-15 July 2020

The Creative Leadership conference will embark from the belief that creative leadership comes from the depths of our beings. In short from who we are. After looking at the personal level, we will journey on to exchange experiences and to create a new form of global leadership, which responds to the needs of our time.

Shaping the Future together through Dialogue
17-19 July 2020

We believe that individuals, organizations and networks can have a positive impact on the way the future is shaped, and that we are all needed to build trust and social cohesion. To enable this, we need practitioners who have a deep understanding of the power of dialogue and who have the confidence and skills to use it in their grassroots work.

01-05 July 2020

Why land and security solutions need to be forged together to respond to the threats posed by climate change and create a more peaceful world.

01-04 July 2020

The Emerging Leaders programme at the Caux Dialogue on Environment and Security aims to bring together young leaders to find and share effective, creative and inspiring solutions to the complex issues of migration, land degradation, and conflict.