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Intercultural Innovation Award 2021


A prize of $20,000 USD and corporate support for reconciling polarized communities

Initiatives of Change International’s Trustbuilding Program received the Intercultural Innovation Award at award ceremony during the Dubai Expo. The award is a partnership between the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the BMW Group, with the support of Accenture. ⁠

Recipients of the award are typically grassroots projects that encourage intercultural dialogue and work towards a more peaceful and socially inclusive world, by building mutual respect among peoples of different cultural and religious identities.

The Trustbuilding Program is active in seven countries where polarization tears at the fabric of local communities. This lack of trust exacerbates inequality and escalates small-scale conflicts into wide-scale violence in certain areas. The Trustbuilding Program supports these communities with reconciliation, often through personal change experiences, and aids in creating peace from the ground up.

This award will accelerate the Trustbuilding Program’s work of creating a foundation for lasting peace for communities around the world through the establishment of trust.

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