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Ukrainians hold a vast flag at a patriotic ceremony.
Ukrainians hold a vast flag at a patriotic ceremony.

The War in Ukraine


A Statement from the International Council

This gross violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is not just devastating Ukraine. It will cause untold damage to Russia and its proud history. The people of both countries are being forced into a war that they do not want. The manoeuvrings and ambitions of a dictatorial government do not represent the views of all Russians. 

The tragedy of war is that innocent people and unarmed civilians will pay a terrible price. Death and destruction affect everyone across generations and for a long time. We grieve deeply.

Ukraine and Europe are now again in the front line of the struggle between democracy and authoritarianism, between peaceful co-existence and territorial expansion. Everyone has a part to play, wherever in the world they are. If freedom is threatened in one place, it is threatened everywhere. 

We in Initiatives of Change will play our part. In many European countries our colleagues are taking action to support Ukraine, contacting our policy makers, raising funds for medical supplies and clothing, caring for refugees. And praying.

We challenge our governments to stop this war and be compassionate to its victims.  This is not a time for grandstanding.

There are people of good will on both sides of this struggle. We have dear friends in all these communities who reject this invasion. We will use our centres to bring together Russians and Ukrainians, knowing that their true destiny is one of friendship, and that Ukraine can become a bridge of understanding and cooperation between Russia and Western Europe. 

We honour all who work for peace and stand in solidarity with them. 

The International Council
Initiatives of Change International


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