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A prize of $20,000 USD and corporate support for reconciling polarized communities

Prisming the COP26 - @prisms_of_bards

The climate discussion is stuck as it struggles to bridge the gap from the technical to the inspirational. The Bards is a group of artists who believe that art can do precisely this, and we want to help other artists to also make their creative thinking and artistic output be heard in this realm, and specifically now at the COP26.


The Kenyan trustbuilding team is running a crowdfunding campaign to financially support their trustbuilding work in Mombasa and Garissa.

Gerald Pillay, Photo credit: The Independent

The transition of leadership will commence at the close of outgoing President Suresh Vazirani term in late December.


What is a more essential to peace than building trust across the world’s divides? Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference.


We are pleased to present you the Trustbuilding Program's Impact Report for 2020/2021.