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Leading with Integrity

Michael Smith’s upcoming book details how positive decision-making can lead to change.

Chief Inspector Robert Fitzgerald of the Blacktown Police

Learn how our team in Australia is changing a narrative and building trust through storytelling!

IofC Iternational colour English logo - teaser

It is with great excitement that we announce 2 newly available positions being offered by Initiatives of Change International!

Travel connection

Learn how Martin Healey, CSP Alumni (’16), was inspired to create change and connections through his initiative ‘Cauxsurfing’!

Irna Yugaswatie, President of IofC Indonesia

Irna Yugaswatie, President of IofC Indonesia, shares her thoughts on trustbuidling and outreach to youth!


International Council member Thembi Silundika shares with us her reflection on the Pan African Consultation and trustbuilding in Africa.