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Suresh Vazirani

Suresh Vazirani from Mumbai, India was unanimously appointed by Global Assembly of the International Association as the new President for IofC International.


It’s here! The IofC International Annual Report for 2017-2018 has just been delivered at this years Global Assembly. We thank all of our members, far and wide, for their contributions to the report; we deeply value all the time and effort you put into 'being the change'! This edition covers all of 2017 and the first half of 2018. Download your copy today!

Bishop George N Iskande in centre

Bishop George N Iskander passed away on 16 May 2018. Born in 1927, Bishop George N. Iskandar was the Maronite bishop of Zahle and Baalbeck of the Maronite Catholic Oriental Lebanese Church since 1977. An accomplished author, he also was the General Chaplain of the Scout movement of Lebanon for many years along with collaborating with several NGOs for youth and other vulnerable groups. Renowned for his modesty and sense of humbleness, he decided against a plan proposed to have a statue erected in his honor by the city.


An award winning documentary film about Frank Buchman, initiator of the movement now known as Initiatives of Change, was launched in the British Parliament this week, and then to a large public audience in central London. Produced by film-makers Imad Karam and Kelly Burks, The man who built peace has already won five international awards.


In the short history of this century Ukraine is a country that has been marked by eruptions of conflict within the country The Orange Revolution in 2004 and the Maidan protests in the winter of 2013/14 were world news. Olena Kashkarova is one of the people who works to restore mutual trust in this deeply divided country. She is one of the leaders of the Foundations for Freedom (F4F) initiative, that seeks to bridge the divides between different groups in society by stimulating dialogue. On 5 April she was in the centre of Initiatives of Change in The Hague to tell about her work.

David and Barbara Down with Hari Shukla, former Director of the Tyne and Wear Racial Equality Council, and his wife Ranju Shukla, who were two of those who invited David and Barbara to base in Newcastle in 1995.

In a splendid ceremony in Newcastle upon Tyne’s Civic Centre on 23 May, Cllr David Down, a former full-time volunteer with Initiatives of Change, was elected as the Lord Mayor of the city for 2018-19. His fellow councillors added good-humoured banter during formal speeches in support of him. His wife, Barbara, who is IofC UK's head of personnel and IofC's webmaster, becomes the Lady Mayoress.