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A commitment to feed the world and care for the planet.

Rural development and agricultural productivity growth are crucial for poverty reduction. -  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Farmers’ Dialogue aims to demonstrate the connection between personal change and sustainable agricultural development. We encourage farmers across the world to be socially responsible partners in food production, soil preservation and the protection of their environment, by emphasizing the importance of a values-based approach.

How Farmers’ Dialogue Works

An older and younger Asian male laugh easily in a field of cabbages
We facilitate exchanges of experiences between farmers.

Sustainability and poverty reduction are not achieved by discussion alone, but by hearing the experiences of others and changing attitudes.

Southeast Asian male with short dark hair speaks on mobile phone with tractor parked in the background
We encourage farmers to participate in agricultural policy.

Farmers need to be fully included in the research, the decision-making and the implementation processes of any policy.

Young Latin American female with shoulder-length wavy hair and straw hat smiles while lifting box of bright red tomatoes
We inspire farmers to take a values-based approach.

Reflection on the values that enable healthy communities, increased resilience and contributions to sustainability is key.

1.2 B

people living in poverty

40 %

population works in agriculture

811 M

chronically undernourished

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A person with short, blonde hair walks downhill on a dirt path in the middle of two green fields with a hazy sky in the background
From Innovation for Agriculture - aimed at helping farmers reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.
Two southeast asian women, balancing bowls on their heads, look out over a field and smile at one another
Building the capacity of rural Maharashtra through community led sustainability projects.
Two African women women with baskets on their heads walk up a dusty road towards a water tower in the distance
Supporting the emotional recovery of rural areas of South Kivu province through sustainable agriculture.
Upcoming Events
In Conversation with Ruchi Jain
17 September 2022

RUCHI JAIN (India) is the Founder and Executive Director of TARU Naturals, a movement of organic small-scale farmers.


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Can the world be sustainable without food? Can it be sustainable without caring for the soils? Can it be sustainable without those directly concerned by food and soils?

The specificity of Farmers’ Dialogue is in the direct contact and exchanges between farmers. It is also by an approach that does not deal only with technical or economical questions, but also tackle the personal motivations, values and challenges of farmers. 

Learn more about our history on the Farmers’ Dialogue website.



Grampari is on a mission to build the capacity of rural Maharashtra through thoughtful, community led programmes that foster both spiritual and economic development.

The practice of ‘inner listening' forms the fulcrum of the Grampari model. Through this practice, villagers have repaired broken relationships, given up addictions, and invested themselves in village development. The story of Grampari is really the story about the extraordinary power of inner listening to bring about deep change in human beings as well as long lasting sustainable development.

Centre Kitumaini

The Centre Kitumaini (CK) is a non-governmental development organization with an operating license from the Justice Division of South Kivu Province, with a temporary authorization of operation from the Governorate of the Province of South Kivu, and F.92 / 26181 from the Ministry of Justice, Keeper of the Seals and Humans Rights from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The objective of the Centre Kitumaini is to support the well-being and facilitate the emotional recovery of the target population living in peri-urban and rural areas of South Kivu province. These processes of recovery build on the strengths of both individuals and communities. It is about renewing social capital through the consolidation of social cohesion, in a specific post-conflict context.


Claude Bourdin - Global Coordinator

Jean-Pierre Emeriau - President

Jacinta Wanja Ciomiti - Vice President

Pierre Lokeka - Secretary
Democratic Republic of Congo



Goal 2: Waste less food and support local farmers
Goal 13: Act now to stop global warming


Farmers involved in the programme have developed some concrete and local support groups to help in other countries with agricultural development, either directly or through ad hoc farming organizations.