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Restoring trust between civil society and the police force.


Through dialogues and workshops that bring together aggrieved communities and members of the police force, the trustbuilding team builds trust between authorities and the people of the community. 

Why is trust needed? 

Misconceptions from police officers, communities and other stakeholders about the police's position, purpose, and authority have been obstacles to achieving a desired modern police force. There is an urgent need to demystify what the uniform represents.    

Mistrust between young Nigerians and the police came to a clash when tens of thousands of people took to the streets to protest against police brutality in October 2020, which became known as the #EndSARS demonstrations. 

How is trust built?

Stakeholder dialogues and engagement

Under 'POLICE I CARE', trust is built through facilitated dialogues with various stakeholders (such as police, community, security agencies and government) to inspire people-driven service delivery.   

Mentoring participants

IofC team members are trained as mentors to follow up with participants after the dialogues and workshops to sustain the trustbuilding work in communities. 

Impact to date

The police force in Lagos, Nigeria, has enthusiastically welcomed the trustbuilding project to build trust between them and the community. There have been big turnouts from the police and the community at the trustbuilding events and willingness to discuss current issues and connect on a human level. 

'We have been waiting for years for an NGO with an initiative like this that can address the issues between the police and the people.'
~ The Director of Community Affairs of the Lagos State Government 

'Participants of the training have been first-hand recipients of police brutality. They saw the police as utterly wicked, and nothing good could come from them. Engaging such people in the training, we were at risk of being unable to change this mentality. However, we were able to dialogue deeply, and these participants realised that they are stakeholders in this divide and pledged their support to the project. When we know what is right, we should do what is right.'
~ Trustbuilding training participant 


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