Foundations for Freedom (F4F)

International Non-Government Organization


Foundations for Freedom is an international NGO registered in Ukraine. It was initiated in 1993 as a programme of Initiatives of Change (IofC) in the UK and works in Eastern Europe. The organisation is a part of the IofC family, was officially registered in Ukraine in 2009.

There is an interesting theory: when 10% of population change, the remaining 90% become different as well. Should we wait until a leader changes things for the better or should we start with ourselves?

"Be the change you want to see in the world!" - Mahatma Gandhi.


Foundations for Freedom aims to foster the development of truly free, democratic and just society, where people live in commitment to the values where freedom thrives, in particular honesty and personal responsibility.


  • Supporting the development of responsible leadership.
  • Enhancing the social involvement of youth.
  • Initiating and supporting public dialogues.
  • Developing mutual understanding and cooperation between various ethnic and social groups.
  • Establishing honest and transparent relations between citizens and governmental structures.

Areas of activity

  • Reconciliation projects, public dialogues, trust-building activities.
  • Offering access to international networks and experience exchange programmes.
  • Leading round-tables, forums and conferences.
  • Leading various training and educational programmes.

Foundations for Freedom community is acting in Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Romania and Serbia.


Foundations for Freedom held Annual General Meeting 2021

Screenshot from the Foundations AGM2021

On the 20th of February 2021 “Foundations for Freedom” held an Annual General Meeting, and due to all the COVID-19 circumstances, it was held online. Even though it would be much more pleasant to meet and hug each other, this format enabled us to host 56 people from more than 10 countries. 

Beyond the Borders: Human Experiences Across Generations and Countries

Screenshot from the last presentation session of the History begins in the Family: Dialogue of Generations project 2020

International project "History begins in the family: Dialogue of generations" successfully has launched for the third time. The specific of the project this year was its online format. Over 30 young people from Poland, Germany, and Ukraine had participated in the exchange learning program, then under the guidance of mentors had conducted oral history research in their families. 

Reflections after the Community Virtual Gathering 2020

Reflections after Virtual F4F Gathering 2020

A while ago Foundations for Freedom conducted an Online Community Gathering, which took place on the 26-27th of September. Almost 40 participants from 18 countries joined the meeting online. 

Annual Report of Foundations for Freedom

Wide logo of Foundations for Freedom INGO

The year of 2019 can be described as a new start for the organisation in its existence and activities, even with little achievement. But the process to give it some impulse is real. This comes after some years strongly affected by the events in Ukraine. Of course, things happened during this period, mostly out of personal initiatives or with (through) the Dialogue Facilitators’ Network that was developed during these years and also started running its activities.

Building bridges across divides in Ukraine among social institutions at different levels

A team of 6 from the Network of Dialogue Facilitators in cooperation with the 'Stabilization Support Services' (SSS) funded by the UK Embassy in Ukraine ran a common project: 'Development of social cohesion in Ukraine by strengthening regional and local social support for internally displaced people, veterans and other groups that suffered because of the conflict'.

Alongside with the ongoing war in Ukraine, the process of reforms and changes of internal policies keep happening. The divide between different levels of social institutions providing social services is immense, starting from local social centers and finishing with Ministries.

Foundations for Freedom becomes an official partner of IOM in Ukraine

Bilovodsk,  dialogue workshop with IOM

In June 2019 INGO 'Foundations for Freedom' have received a recognition from the International Organization from Migration for community dialogues in 2018-2019 that have suffered from conflict in Ukraine.

Reflections after the F4F Regional Conference 2019

Regional Conference of Foundations for Freedom 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

Regional Conference of ‘Foundations for Freedom’ took part on 11-13, January 2019 in snowy Irpen’ in the outskirts of Kyiv (Ukraine). And it took place because of 75 participants from 8 countries.

Invitation to the Foundations for Freedom Regional Conference 2014, December 11-14, Kiev, Ukraine

Foundations for Freedom Regional Meeting, Kiev, Ukraine

'...Freedom from and freedom for...' We warmly invite you and your family to participate in the Regional Conference of Foundations for Freedom, which will take place 11-14 December 2014 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
What were our challenges of the last year? What will we take forward? What inspires us to keep on doing our activities in the year ahead? Deadline for applications 25 November 2014. Read more here>>

Work week in Caux. Apply now

You are invited to spend a week at the Initiatives of Change Conference Centre in Caux, Switzerland, 18-26 June 2014, interacting in a community of people from different countries, backgrounds and generations, preparing the conference centre for the summer conferences. Read more here>>

Read more about the participants' experience of the Work week 2013 in Caux in the F4F Newsletter 2013>>

A message for Ukraine from Professor Rajmohan Gandhi

Professor Rajmohan Gandhi - photo by Jonty Herman

Rajmohan Gandhi, a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and past president of Initaitives of Change. Rajmohan visited Ukraine in 2010 to support a Week of Trust.

Watch a video message from Rajmohan Gandhi for peace in Ukraine here>>

Creating a space for dialogue amidst conflict in Ukraine

F4F Regional Meeting in Kiev, Ukraine

Dialogue was used to improve understanding and develop trust building at the Regional Meeting of Foundations for Freedom, which took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 6-8 December 2013. Around 60 participants from different parts of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Germany, Poland and Latvia took part in the Regional Meeting. All of them had been participants in Foundations for Freedom (F4F) projects or initiatives. See more here>>

Steps of Tolerance: Young people from Belarus, Germany and Ukraine discover discrimination in daily life

A practice seminar series on Discrimination, Photography & Anti-Bias starts on 15-21 February in Ukraine, Carpathian Mountains with the first "basic" module. The project is created in cooperation of the Initiative Mittel- und Osteuropa (InMOE) e.V. with the Club for Young Leaders (Ukraine) and the New Faces (Belarus). Read more about the project here>>

Creating a space for dialogue amidst conflict in Ukraine

F4F Regional Meeting in Kiev, Ukraine

Dialogue was used to improve understanding and develop trust building at the Regional Meeting of Foundations for Freedom, which took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 6-8 December 2013. Around 60 participants from different parts of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Germany, Poland and Latvia took part in the Regional Meeting. All of them had been participants in Foundations for Freedom (F4F) projects or initiatives. See more here>>

'Crimean News' reports about Foundations for Freedom dialogues

Foundations for Freedom dialogues in Crimea

Article ‘Crimeans are looking for mutual understanding’ and photo report about Dialogues of Foundations for Freedom in Crimea on the topic of the current situation in Ukraine was published in Crimean News on 11 January 2014. Read the full article here>>

Call for applications! “Our heritage and its modern implication: monuments and names of streets” dialogue seminar in Ukraine

Анонс діялогу у Чернігові

Let us invite you to the honest conversation about our heritage represented by the symbols of different epochs: monuments, titles of towns and streets. How do they influence us, our families, what is their significance for our communities? Which symbols of the past have become the part of our common past, why others tend to evoke debates?

The “Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past” project team invites you to take part in the “Our heritage and its modern implication: monuments and names of streets” Dialogue Seminar, that will take place on 12-15 December 2013 in Chernihiv, Ukraine. See more>>

Invitation to Foundations for Freedom Regional Meeting 2013 and General Assembly!

We would like to invite you and your family to participate in the Regional Meeting and General Assembly of Foundations for Freedom, which will take place 6-8 December 2013 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

If you are a member of F4F/IofC and its satellite networks or the Baranivka community; if you have taken part in 'Healing the Past' dialogues; if you have researched ethical leadership or are interested in any of these themes, then you are welcome to spend 3 days reviewing the outcomes, networking, exchanging skills and experiences and renewing perspectives and goals. Read more>>

Foundations for Freedom Annual Review 2012 is published

The Annual Review lists the main events organized by Foundations for Freedom in 2012: Regional Meeting and local events of the on-going projects "Club for Young Leaders" (in Crimea and Romania), "Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past", "House in Baranivka"; and international visits and conferences. Read more>>

Caux Scholars Program partnering with Foundations for Freedom

Caux Scholar graduates are taking their new knowledge “down the mountain” as part of an exciting new project with Foundations for Freedom in Ukraine. Thanks to the Robert Hahnloser Stiftung Foundation and the Irene Prestwich Fund the Caux Scholars Program is launching a partnership with Foundations for Freedom (F4F). Read more>>

Building trust across cultural boundaries: Youth Seminar in Gantikow/Germany

How can we build trust - within ourselves, within our society, in our country and across all boundaries? 18-25 August, we organized a youth seminar on the theme 'Building trust across cultural boundaries. Thirty young people from nine different nationalities were invited to Gantikow in Brandenburg/Germany on a spiritual journey to explore these questions.Read more>>

14-16th June the second final module of the Training for Ethical Leadership Workshop Facilitators took place.

A group of 10 got together again in Simferopol (Crimea) in order to deepen their understanding of different aspects of ethical leadership and to learn how to run excerсises and sessions. Apart from practiсe and unwrap of key excerсises aimed at developing atmosphere of trust and openness among participants used during the seminars of 'Initiatives of Change', future facilitators were offered some basic theories and general structure of the course, which included the topics of 'Values', 'Motivation', 'Cooperation', etc.Read more>>

Vacancies Openings in Foundations for Freedom

International non-governmental organization Foundations for Freedom is gathering a team for positions of Treasurer, Project Coordinator, Training Coordinator and FUNDRAISERs on voluntary basis due to the reforms connected with decision-making and administration of the organization Read vacancies' description here>>

Ethical Leadership Seminars - new project of Foundations for Freedom

september 2012

INGO Foundations for Freedom would like to inform you that last year has received a grant from the Bohdan Havrilyshyn Foundation (Ukraine) to prepare trainers and educational manual in order to run seminars on ethical leadership in the future. Read more>>

Healed Ukraine, or how to find understanding between East and West?

UIA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) soldiers: heroes or enemies? 9 May – Victory Day or Mourning Day? Was the Great Patriotic War indeed ‘patriotic’ for all Ukrainian territories? These answers are hard to answer even for an experienced historian because the cornerstone of this history is composed of prejudice and insults, which we have inherited through generations. If now the screenplay of a fratricidal war seems impossible in Ukraine, two generations ago every family suffered losses from such a war. So does a state with such controversial history have any chance to become one whole, or…? Read more>>

'Healing the Past' Dialogue in Zakarpattia, Ukraine

On 21-24 February 2013 'Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past' project team invites you to take part in the Dialogue Seminar 'Healing the Past', which will be taken on the far western part of Ukraine - on Zakarpattia (exact place to be defined soon). Deadline for applications is 9 February 2013. Read more>>

Catching the culture together + Video

Participants of the movement Foundations for Freedom, as a part of a multi-cultural team and multi-ethnic group from Romania, spent ten unforgettable days in the Romanian Hoteni. Read more& watch video>>

Change the world, starting with youself

Визитный курс в Крыму, сентябрь 2011 г.

Foundations for Freedom Visiting Course took place from 22 to 28 September 2012 in Baranivka, Ukraine. Tatiana Kalchenko, a participant, shares her experience. Read more>>

What I discovered during the 'Healing the Past' dialogue

From 6-9 September, a dialogue on the theme 'Healing the Past' took place on the shores of the Black Sea in Crimea. This part of present-day Ukraine includes many different cultures and ethnicities who have suffered historical injustices, including famine and forced ethnic re-locations during the Communist era. Read more>>

Visiting Course 'Make a Change! European Youth in Dialogue'

'Foundations for Freedom' (Ukraine) in partnership with 'Initiatives - Central and Eastern Europe' (Germany) invites young people between the ages of 18 and 25 to the international seminar 'Make a Change! European Youth in Dialogue'. This will be the second seminar of its kind, following last year's success. The Visiting Course will take place in Koktebel, Crimea (Ukraine) October 13-20. Read more>>

Foundations for Freedom Leaning Track in Caux, Switzerland on 02-08 August 2012

Have you heard about the “The Dynamics of Being a Change-maker” conference in Caux, Switzerland from the 02-08 August 2012?

As well as the usual plenaries and community groups, this conference will offer 'Foundations for Freedom' learning track from Eastern and Central Europe run by Anna Pozogina and Angela Starovoytova. It would give a brief overview and a taste of what F4F courses are about and how they are run. Alongside with F4F learning track there would be other tracks run by other successful programmes in IofC. Read more>>

Rajmohan Gandhi opens 'Week of Trust' in Ukraine

Professor Rajmohan Gandhi joined the official opening of 'Week of Trust' in Simferopol, Ukraine, via Skype on 28 May. Civil campaign 'Week of Trust' was organized by the Club for Young Leaders (CYL, Crimea) in partnership with the International NGO Foundations for Freedom and started in the Information Press-Center in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine.Read more>>

Dialogue for Foundations for Freedom

“Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past” project team runs a Dialogue Seminar for the Foundations for Freedom Teams that will take place on 17-20 May 2012 in Lviv region, Ukraine. "We are going to spend a few days in the safe space, inviting our past to come to the present through our memories, thoughts, views, personal stories, and life experiences. We will be ready to grieve and cry, as well as to rejoice, shine with life, be brave to face the future, ready to be honest and sincere with ourselves and the others, so that our past can now or some time later release us for peace, joy, and love. Read more>>

'Intergenerational approach to Europe: past, present and future'

Initiatives of Change-Lorraine (a branch of Initiatives of Change, France) in partnership with Foundations for Freedom (F4F, Ukraine) are pleased to invite you to a discovery visit to the heart of Europe to explore an 'Intergenerational approach to Europe: past, present and future’.The event is dedicated to the important date, 9 May 1950, when Robert Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organized Europe, indispensable to maintain peaceful relations.

Over the course of one week the group of young adults from different European countries in a constant dialogue between generations, will look at the Europe of yesterday and today. Together they will also be discovering their personal role and responsibility within this group, their organizations and countries in building Europe for tomorrow.. More information and technical details are available here>>.

East European youth leaders strengthen regional network

Youth leaders from around Eastern Europe met to strengthen their networks and plan for the future at the annual Regional Meeting of Foundations for Freedom (F4F) which took place in Baia Mare, Romania, 23-25 March. The full report by Angela Starovoitova read here>>.

Next Foundations for Freedom Regional Meeting will be held in Romania

INGO Foundations for Freedom would like to inform you about their annual Regional Meeting, which will take place 23-25, March, 2012. The Romanian Club for Young Leaders has expressed its readiness to host us in Baia Mare, Romania.

Regional meetings of Foundations for Freedom have always served as a space for us to meet, get to know about existing initiatives, to evaluate our common past, to look at the present and to think about the future of our network and organization. We are hoping to have this meeting in a style of creating a fruitful atmosphere of ‘searching for the future’. More information and technical details are availablehere>>.

Panchgani traveller’s notes

Evgeniya Koroleva and Nastya Sachko, both journalists by profession and members of ‘Club for Young Leaders’ from Crimea (Ukraine), have for a few months now been working as volunteers in Asia Plateau – International centre of Initiatives of Change in Panchgani, India. Their dream to get to Asia Plateau searching for answers on personal questions through new discoveries has had to overcome financial obstacles and a few months of what seemed to be hopeless visa procedure. Evgeniya Koroleva is sharing some of her traveller’s notes that still have the smell of Indian spices. Read more>>

Meeting with Vladimir Bukovsky: thinking about future of Ukraine and Russia

As a part of Healing the Past project Olha Hudz-Sakuma (Ukraine), Lena Kashkarova (Ukraine) and Diana Damsa (Romania) visited a representative of Soviet dissidents’ movement Vladimir Bukovsky in his house in Cambridge. The past and future of Ukraine and Russia, the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation in the present days society and the interaction between personal and civil responsibility are among the topics discussed with Vladimir Bukovsky. Read more>>

Positive outcomes from Farmers' Dialogue training in Rwanda

Thirty-one members of Farmers’ Dialogue from fourteen countries (East Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia) met in Kigali (Rwanda) in an informal and stimulating setting to consider the various missions of the programme and the team's commitments as a result of their missions. The training was led by the Ukrainian team of Foundations for Freedom. Read more>>

Building networks, living by values and anticipating change

When people change, the world changes. This was the idea behind the 10-day residential course – Inside change: creating foundations for action – that took place at Notre Dame University, Lebanon, from 6-15 May. Based on the format of the Foundations for Freedom Visiting Course and the Caux Interns Program, it was the first programme of its kind to be conducted in the MENA region by IofC. Read more >>