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Social integration through trustbuilding between IDPs and local communities. 


Since the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the national government and local authorities have offered much-needed support for IDPs. However, little attention is paid to the relationships between IDPs and their host communities. 

Why is trust needed? 

Millions of Ukrainians have been forced to relocate to safer areas of the country or abroad, and some have been unable to flee due to occupation or destroyed road infrastructure. These large numbers of IDPs present challenges for them and their host communities. Conflicts arise between the authorities, the local population and IDPs, e.g. about rising housing costs, lack of jobs, rejection of the culture of other cities, and language conflict.  

How is trust built?

Increasing mutual understanding and relations

Through dialogues, story sharing, and participatory practices, trust and relations are built between IDPs, local authorities and host communities. A documentary will be made on the outcomes to inspire a wider audience. 

Social integration of IDPs

Information and resources on accommodation, employment, business, and ways to contribute to the local community are offered to integrate IDPs into their host communities. 


Impact to date

The original approach of the trustbuilding team in Ukraine was dramatically interrupted by the Russian invasion. They quickly adapted their strategy and have been organising trustbuilding sessions between Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and local host communities to address difficulties between them and build new connections. 

'We had fruitful interactions between residents, IDPs, and local authorities. We talked about how to get what you want, how to build connections between people, and how to interact and develop understanding.'
~ Trustbuilding trainer in Kyiv 

'I like the program. People have many problems now, but when we share them, we are already on the way to finding solutions. I am participating in this training and staying active with several engagements. First, because I am interested in it. Secondly, my friend was killed by shelling in Mariupol, the apartment where I spent my childhood turned into ashes, and a good number of buildings I have known well since my childhood in my hometown got destroyed due to shelling. I understand that to abstract from this and continue life, not solely existence - I should fill myself with positive emotions.'
~ Participant in Kyiv 


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