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Community participatory budgeting for a well-working democratic system. 


The trustbuilding project in Ukraine is currently on hold due to the war. Our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues in Ukraine, their families and friends, and all other people suffering.  

If you are looking for ways to help, please find here some suggestions for offering your support.



Through participatory budgeting, Ukrainian citizens choose the problems they want to solve or the ideas they want to implement for community development. However, mistrust between the authorities and communities often restricts collaboration. The trustbuilding team aims to build the trust needed for all stakeholders to act in the best interest of the larger community.   

Why is trust needed? 

There are divides between local authorities and civil society and between different regions/oblasts. Current leaders do not support or implement progressive reforms, despite requests from local communities.    

West and East Ukraine are divided, and language issues often lead to misunderstandings. For a democratic system to work well, trust between people of different backgrounds is essential.

How is trust built?

Empowering local leaders

Through a custom-designed course, people are trained to become activists for democracy by learning about important topics to enable local community participation. 

Hosting an annual Forum

Each year, course alumni are invited to participate in a Forum on participatory budgeting to share best practices and ideas. Through the Forum, a network of local trustbuilders is established.


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