Who we are

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and behaviour, starting with their own.

What we do

Vision: a just, peaceful and sustainable world to which everyone, responding to the call of conscience, makes their unique contribution.
Mission: to inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves. We work worldwide on many initiatives through a network of individuals, groups and organizations.

Focus Areas

Trustbuilding: Peace and social cohesion through trust and reconciliation. Ethical Leadership: Developing a leadership culture based on moral integrity, compassion and selfless service. Sustainable living: Economic justice and environmental sustainability by transformation of motives and behaviour.

Building trust in times of crisis

16. April 2020

Join us for a series of presentations by changemakers and trustbuilders from across the world, as they share their stories of inspiration and guidance how we can all build trust in times of crisis.

Uzbekistan Farmers' Dialogue

20. May 2020 to 27. May 2020

'Role of International Farmers Implementing Innovative Technologies Integrating Agricultural Production, Science and Education.'

Pan Africa Conference on Good Governance - Ghana 2020

25. May 2020 to 28. May 2020

Contribute towards solving the governance crisis and help chart a way forward for a more just, peaceful and sustainable Africa.

Caux Forum 2020

25. June 2020 to 16. July 2020

The place for inspiration and personal change.

CSP Switzerland

Caux Scholars Program - Switzerland 2020

28. June 2020 to 27. July 2020

Creating Peace by Building Peacemakers.

25th Asia Pacific Youth Conference (APYC)

08. August 2020 to 15. August 2020

“Global Citizenship for the 21st Century – Building A Future for All”

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