The Trustbuilding Program

Peace and social cohesion by building trust and reconciliation across divides

At a time of increasing fragmentation, trust is diminishing around the world. Communities face racial and religious divides, intergenerational conflict, the rise of extremist attitudes, as well as social divisions and the legacy of war. Building on its extraordinary record of trustbuilding achievements over generations around the world, IofC is marshalling its resources to address global divides. The Trustbuilding Program aims to address divisive issues at the international and national levels on the premise that at the heart of these larger issues is a need to build trust and reconcile personal challenges before changes can occur outside of oneself.

The Program prioritizes the needs of communities in conflict, which are working on transformation of their societies. We explore individual change and create safe spaces for community leaders and young people to have honest and open dialogues about uncomfortable issues that pose challenges to initiating positive change in one’s life, families and communities. The program will ensure having support on the ground from people of all walks of life including young people, migrants and refugees, committed to confronting the divides within their society. 

What is Trustbuilding?

Building trust is the essential foundation for building healthy communities. Social action and legislation without accompanying changes in individual lives and relationships are unlikely to be effective over the long haul. The most-needed reforms in communities require political courage and trust-based collaboration that can only be achieved by individuals who have the vision, integrity, and persistence to call out the best in others and sustain deep and long-term efforts.

Rob Corcoran, Founder Hope in the Cities

"Messy, real, raw, mutual engagement about stuff that affects our ability to relate to each other".

Louie Gardiner, coach and facilitator

Current News & Events

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

We’re six months into the Trustbuilding Program, a great moment to look back at what we have achieved during the last months, and to look into the future at the milestones that are still ahead of us.

Dan Mugera

The Kenyan team show us how they’re building trust in Mombasa and Garissa in a new video.

Niketu Iralu

We interviewed Niketu Iralu, the renowned non-violence activist from Nagaland, about why trust is crucial for a humane world.

Mike Muikia

Impact is more real when measured. Why is systematic evaluation so important and how do our Trustbuilding Program project teams measure the impact of their work within their communities?

TBP Kenya

What are the benefits for the country teams by being part of the Trustbuilding Program? Read here how the program adds value.

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash

Initiatives of Change UK has created some interesting trust-related podcasts for you to enjoy and share with others. Take a moment to listen to them on your way to work, during a walk in the park or perhaps while relaxing on the sofa.